I shouldn?t… but! Oh. Boy. I. Do. Please believe the hype. ?Brownie? tulips ( tulipa) are mesmerising and my latest Spring flower crush. I sold out at the flower shed. earlier this month – I was nervous to stock them
as arguably dyed flowers can have a bad press. But here, and indeed with the anemones, I?m swallowing my hypocrisy! The colour is made up of delicate chocolate tones with almost brush stroke like markings. They are the most fabulous addition to floral art scene; a more gentle-on-the-eye focus flower who rolls beautifully with other woody coloured foliage such as Pussy Willow or Amelanchier branches

Typically tulips are often a real pop of techni colour so this vintage, antique coloured, elegant variety offers a classy alternative for those who prefer their blooms a little bit moody, a little bit sexy, a little bit, well, unusual. They are available as parrot, straight and fringed and I?m definitely going to have some in stock this Friday. I think they?re perfect gift for a supper party, or, as happened at the shed. mixed with muted stems of eucalyptus and placed in the customer?s new jug which she bought with her for me to fill. A fine example of self gifting. 

When you?re buying tulips, whatever colour, the flowers should be closed, stems upright and, the leaves beautifully squeaky. Don?t be surprised that even when cut, tulips will keep on growing and towards the light. This makes them full of drama as they barge forward, grab the attention and hang as they wish. I love this ?movement? and very often find their last few days, their best.

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