March 4th

March 4th

How is it March 4th already? And what winds came through The Astons last night! My garden daffodils and Magnolia got a hammering but ever resilient, they were bouncing around bright and breezy this morning as the children and I, not so sunny, struggled with the Monday Morning alarm and school run! 

I spent a few hours this morning deciding on the flowers I would like to have available for Friday and putting my market shopping list together. We?re so spoilt with the choice at this time of year; blossoms, tulips, anemones, ranunculus, hyacinth and muscari. I?m eager to be putting blooms together ready for brown paper wrapping and instant take away but also indulging In some stunning roses and foliage. 

Burgundy and chocolate shades, contrasting alongside the more antique pinks which I favour repeatedly,  have been requested so I?ve decided to give the shed. a bit more of a makeover (!) and play with those colours… if you want to see the result, come back here early next week. Or, alternatively, come in person on Friday 8th March.

Clare Fielder
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