Sunday of Mothering…a florist’s thoughts

Sunday of Mothering…a florist’s thoughts

Mothering Sunday Flowers for Special Occasions

Spring Flowers and special days. What are the best flowers to give and receive?

This is such a welcome and beautiful time of year. After the gorgeousness of Autumn followed quickly by the pretty lights, festivities and richness of Christmas; January and February are simply grim (unless, of course, you’re heading to the Caribbean. Alas, not me). But then, suddenly, crocus and snowdrops are peeking out of the cold ground, daffodils are boldly bouncing around, clouds of hawthorn burst out of the hedgerow and Magnolia briefly crowns gardens. Spring. There’s a little warmth in the sunshine and suddenly everything seems a whole lot better.

Mothering Sunday is an important day at this time of year. I’m acutely aware that it’s hard for many on a variety of levels. I like to think that Mothering Sunday embraces Godmothers, Grandparents, Aunts, Stepmothers; anybody who has a ‘maternal’ role in somebody’s life. Mothering Sunday is a day to celebrate these wonderful women and to show them how much they are loved and appreciated. How much they’re needed and how much you care. Gratitude doesn’t have to be expensive; a lie in, a card, breakfast in bed, a simple bunch of daffodils, a homemade meal. Some of the stuff is free; hugs and cuddles. Very much hoping for those from my three cubs. And sleep. A teeny, tiny, extra bit of zzzzzs would be lovely. I’ll float the idea. I’m not hopeful…

Nearly every florist in the country is gearing up to an uber busy weekend ahead because this is such a gorgeous time of year for blooms; narcissi, hyacinth, anemone, ranunculus, tulips, prunus… and us girls LOVE them! From a jam jar of seasonal flowers to a luxury bouquet, Spring flowers encapture femininity; elegance, timeless beauty, shape, fragility and strength and scent. Being gifted flowers is always a treat and it doesn’t matter what size or cost of the gift. Flowers are just cool.

the flower shed. will be open on Friday 29th and Saturday 30th. If you have preordered flowers, they’ll be ready for you. But if not, I will have stocked simplicity; bundles of tulips, bundles of hyacinth and bundles of anemone. For littles there will be simple glass jars with stems of prettiness arranged inside. Something for all budgets. And lots of pretty pinks. I will be helped by my three children. The Easter holidays are also upon us at the end of the week… eek!

On Sunday I’ll be hosting and looking after my beautiful Mum. Naturally there will be lots of flowers in our home – the children love to arrange too. I’ll cook a roast and enjoy time with my family. I’m one of the lucky ones; Mum pictured above, supports and helps me to juggle a crazy-busy family life as a newly divorced mother of three, alongside establishing and running a business in its infancy. My children adore their Granny. We both have a passion for flowers. Like her mother; my beloved Grandmother. I hope I’ll too be able support Ollie, Harry and Grace in their forties and in whatever way they need, like my mum (and dad!) do. Retirement? What retirement?

I hope Mothering Sunday is whatever you?d like it to be this year.

Officially and finally it’s Spring! Enjoy…and if you’d like to come on a workshop for floristry, or pop into to my shed and buy some beautiful spring flowers……I would thrilled to meet you, just let me know here.

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  • James Stone

    Liz, Have a lovely day with your mum. You have had many special times with her (and her mum!) and will have many more. Such warmth in your relationship.
    Thank you again also for the fantastic flower displays and arrangements you organised for my mum’s 90th lunch (nearly three years ago!). Made a real impact on the day! Mum still regularly fills up your glass bowl gift with fresh blooms!
    Enjoy this beautiful time of year!

    30th March 2019 at 9:40 am

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